Creature/Prop mover

Pneumatic device which moves a prop in a horizontal direction. Prop is not supplied. Consists of a 6" x 8 1/2" car that moves in an enclosed track.   The length of travel is 12" (Please note designs may vary)


50 plus delivery, rigging and operator 

Remote Air Blower

If you blow compressed air at the feet of patrons but don't like the idea of paying an extra actor to do it then this item will help you out. Electronic air valve mounts in a wall, board near the feet or in a prop. Push a button and the nozzle blasts at full line pressure. A great way to create a scare where no one expects it. (Please note designs may vary)


50 plus delivery, rigging and operator 

When triggered, this air blast effect startles guests as flexible tubing wiggles manically in their path. Mounts vertically or horizontally within a 4-foot wall section or from above. . (Please note designs may vary)
50 plus delivery, rigging and operator 
Death Chair

Great as a stand alone prop

25 plus delivery,  wpe21.jpg (8533 bytes)
Death Chair Deluxe

Same as above only this will give you a shock! our chair has gas jets built in so when someone sits down we set the jets off and they will jump a mile!

250 plus delivery, rigging and operator 

R2 D2 (Look alike)

This Great full size replica of the movie original is a is a crowd pleaser where ever it goes. Fully radio controlled complete with bleeps our robotic friend is ideal for every event from Children's parties, fun days and shopping centres right through to corporate events and exhibitions.

The Robot character comes complete with operator


From 200 per day wpe2.jpg (14064 bytes)

Imperial  trooper

Our Storm trooper is just like the real thing. Ideal for meet and Greet ! Great Photo opportunity!

Comes with performer and minder


From 200 per day
Please note when hiring props:-
  • 50 or less requires 50 refundable deposit
  • 0ver 50 requires 200 refundable deposit subject to hire.
  • Discounts are available for hire of three or more props over 200 each.


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