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Bryan Farron founder and owner of Bizarre Props has been interested in Film and T.V. make up and special effects since he was at school and has been a professional in the Magic and Illusion Business for over 28 years.

Although Special Effects was a hobby during his childhood it was not until attending a Theatre school in Liverpool, England that Magic  would emerge as a potential career. 

Over the next six years Bryan toured all over the world, Belgium, Israel, North Africa, Central America, North America, yes and even Cornwall and Devon ! Just to name a few.

In 1987 life was to take yet another turn when Bryan met his future wife Sue and as if that was not enough he was also invited to take part in the 1988 British Magical Championships in Blackpool, Lancashire, England in which he won British Magical Champion of Illusions 1988 and on the back of this Bryan was offered two 12 month contracts, one in Japan in a production show touring round various Hotels and the other which is the one he took was with Granada studios tour in Manchester where he renacted  the character of Ganga Dun the Magician from the novel Lost Empires by J.B.Preistley .

The 12 month contract turned into six years and it was here during this time that Bryan's interest in Special Effects bloomed when he began to produced shows, designed and made magic, illusions, props and scenery.

He designed, produced and built one of the most successful shows that to run at Granada Studios tour, The make up and Special effects show which ran for three years.

More recently Bryan Has completed a six month contract with the Props department at The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

He has also designed special effects for Film, T.V. and Theatre with productions  for ITV, BBC and a whole host of other credits to his name but there are three things he has produced over the years that he is most proud of .... his children Hannah, Owen and Ben.

With the birth of his 3rd child Ben came his first venture Freelance prop and effects design and production

And here we are today!

Bryan has a thriving Special effects, prop building & hire business.

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