Base on the character from the movie Star Trek First Contact, We achieved the effect of this living head and shoulders with the help of an old magic principal!

Mummy Dearest

We have a selection of props and display items made from various materials ranging from wood and plastic to fibre glass, resins, metal and rubber

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This animated prop is a great stand a lone item where a ghoul pops up out of the barrel and with which we had great fun building as we left it turned on and watched with amusement as it greeted delivery men and other visitor... great fun!!!! ( need to get out more)

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E.T. is just one of the many animated characters produced by us. This animatronic guy can interact with passes by, great for Shopping Malls and exhibitions

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12ft B52 BOMBER

This was another great project!, we got a commission from a company that made parts for RAF aircraft during WW2 . They where celebrating a special anniversary and wanted something memorable  so we make a 12ft scale model of a   B-52 bomber which after air raid sirens sounded and stage sets  were blown up the aircraft flew out over the guests as they where eating and dropped balloons, all this was accompanies by the theme music from the movie "633 squadron"


BOMBER- Click on pic to make bigger

8ft Animated Crocodile

A few years ago we were given a commission a theming company to design and build an 8ft pneumatic crocodile! for their jungle theme. The picture to the right shows the beast under construction. The whole thing was mounted on to a track and operated by a sensor which was triggered when someone walked by causing the croc to lunge forward on the Attack!

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