Living Head and shoulders suspended on spine, We achieved the effect of this living head and shoulders with the help of an old magic principal!

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Here you can see a commission I had at couple of years ago, it was to paint a 8ft X4ft picture of the Beatles. A standard piece of ply wood was used and it air brushed using cellulose paint! 

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Photo character boards designed and painted for a theme company.

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Pharaoh's head

This last minute job was cut and painted within two hours including a moving lower lip! make foe production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

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Meet the "Caretaker", quite an interesting character who was commissioned for a pilot television program entitled " The Greenhouse"

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These loveable Characters were designed and made for a Christmas show at Granada Studios Tour in Manchester. all the heads were made from fibre glass and the frog had radio controlled eye movement



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16ft Animated SNOWMAN GROTTO

This was a nice project, our snowman grotto stood over 16 ft high, had a 3ft carrot nose and blinking eyes. When the children went to see Santa they went in through one side of the snowman's tummy and out through the other.

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Here you can see two puppet characters which were commissioned for a pilot Television program entitled " The Greenhouse"

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