Decaying human skull made for set dressing at Granada Studios tour

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Slit throat

These photos are from a demonstration I gave at a collage showing how to do all manner of wounds and bruises.

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Death Chair

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Superb limited edition Bronze resin bust of the great man. Stands approx 7ins high. Mounted on a hard wood base with engraved name plate........Only 50 ever made!


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Valpone (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester 2004)

This is the main set for the production of Valpone Which I helped to build

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Valpone (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester 2004)

This is a picture of one of the six Angels which I designed cast and molded for the 2004 production of Valpone.

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Harry Potter Sorting Hat (work in progress) 

The item will be radio controlled and will be seen at      W H Smith , Liverpool for the launch of the new Harry potter book on the evening of 15th July 2005 for the midnight opening!! ( more pictures to come!)

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Harry Potter Sorting Hat

The sorting hat finished and on display at W H SMITH, the guest were greeted by this great little animatronic guy . The mouth movement is controlled by a micro-controller so that when the operator talks the mouth will move in sync (both top and bottom lip) the brow is operated with a standard radio control by can also operate on it's own with random movements with the aid of a small micro controller.

For sales info click HERE!


finish sorting hat
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