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Harry Potter Sorting Hat

The sorting hat finished and on display at W H SMITH, the guest were greeted by this great little animatronic guy . The mouth movement is controlled by a micro-controller so that when the operator talks the mouth will move in sync (both top and bottom lip) the brow is operated with a standard radio control by can also operate on it's own with random movements with the aid of a small micro controller.

shawhall and rally 002.jpg (288411 bytes) Prices Start from 150 for a static one

From  450 for an animated one limited number available!

Plus Shipping

Flying Dementor/Ghost

This Item is based on the flying crank ghost it uses the same rig we have just replaced the ghost with a Dementor from Harry Potter (Picture does not do it justices). The kit consists of : Full rig  ready to go with Ghost or Dementor including Glowing eyes

shawhall and rally 005.jpg (303415 bytes) 250 plus P&P
Flames from The hands

This Great little effect gives the illusion a flame appearing in your hand and then magically jumps from one to the other! ( Adults only.

wpe12.jpg (8547 bytes) 15.00 Plus p&p

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