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Plaster for mold making

Ideal for mold making basic instructions included


Latex rubber gloves



impression material  ideal for face and body casting (instructions included)

Animated Moving Talking Skull

Plug & Play, quality animatronic skull can look left, right, nod up, down, eyes look left, right. Jaw opens and closes to audio signal input. The talking skull is controlled from the easy to program  Control Boards. Unit comes complete; you supply audio input and speaker. (Please note designs may vary)

Price: P.O.A

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When triggered, this air blast effect startles guests as flexible tubing wiggles manically in their path. Mounts vertically or horizontally within a 4-foot wall section or from above. Controller sold separately. (Please note designs may vary)
Price: P.O.A


Remote Air Blower

If you blow compressed air at the feet of patrons but don't like the idea of paying an extra actor to do it then this item will help you out. Electronic air valve mounts in a wall, board near the feet or in a prop. Push a button (Not supplied) and the nozzle blasts at full line pressure. A great way to create a scare where no one expects it. (Please note designs may vary)

Price: P.O.A


Creature/Prop Lifter

This item is available in light weight, medium and Heavy lifter

The  Heavy Lifter is a professional built 4 bar lifter that lifts any prop (up to 50lbs safely) 36" from a starting point of 12" up to 48" (lifter platform height). The lifter includes a mounting platform for easy mounting of just about any prop (custom mounting brackets available upon request) that remains parallel to the ground during the entire travel (lift and descent) (ie your prop will only move up and slightly towards the vertical beams of the lifter).
The heavy lifter is perfect for use behind larger tombstones or scenic items with heavier props such as a full skeleton.
Built using 14 Gauge tubular steel and professional pneumatics.  Kit includes everything needed to operate and control and ships ready to run* out of the box.

Welded mounting brackets included

Please note Design may vary 

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