The Services we are able to provide our customers is limited only by three factors:
  • TIME - because most of our items are custom made so tomorrow for a 12ft dragon is out!
  • MONEY - you get what you pay for!
  • IMAGINATION - If it can't be imagined it can't be made! (If you can't imagine it we can!!).


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Services Bizarre Props can provide:
Design and fabrication

From a small prop or piece of sfx make up to giant theatre backdrops or fully animated creatures, Bizarre props will design from your concept or create it for you and build product from start to finish.



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Mold Making Service

Bizarre Props can make molds for just about anything, if you have something you would a duplicate of or life casts and full body casts then look no further.

Prop & Set design

From Break away bottles please see our products section to Waterfalls and Aztec temples our prop and set design and building is second to none! see example in the gallery

Scenic painting/murals

For any type of art work from bedroom murals to fun fair rides or even custom paint work on vehicles give us a call for quote!

Special effect make up

We offer a complete professional service including a mobile workshop and make up room( subject to availability).


Available for School and colleges we a special effects make up workshop which includes make up effects demonstrations and also lets the students have a go, The workshop contents ranges from beginners to intermediate work.

On this page we have given you  just an  idea of the sort of services and products we can offer for more information on how we can help you please e-mail or call today!! Tel: 0151 520 1116