Bizarre Props as been around since the early 1990s Created By award winning Magician and illusionist Bryan Farron to fill a frustrating need and a void at that time which there was within the entertainment industry particularly while working at Granada Studio Tours, Manchester, England. there was a need for someone who thinks outside the box and particularly in those early days thinking on their feet with great improvisational skills! We did an array of effects and productions from making 20ft caravans appear, cars appear on stage and at the G-Mex Centre Manchester to creating the effect of a 22 stone chief executive of a publishing company look like he was flying over the audience!

Since those manic days Bryan has created Effects for movies and Television, Been a Magic advisor on various Tv shows, Created Stage effects for pantomimes etc. even created effects for the stage version of the Invisible man which are still used today!

Bryan also went on to teach Make up special effects at a collage in Liverpool and worked various movie projects.

His true love was always Magic, much to his wife’s annoyance! While now Still Performing regularly the frustration of the early years has crept in again. the lack of imagination in such a creative industry. and this is where we are today! enjoy my rather rushed site, here you will find items for sale, ideas, all from the world of magic, illusion and movie special effects and prop making! ENJOY